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All Products is becoming one the leading supplier of natural essential oils. We produce natural essential oils using steam distillation, cold pressed extraction, co2 extraction and solvent extraction methods. We supply wholesale essential oils as well as discount essential oils. For more details about Natural Essential oils, please feel free to contact Essential Oils Company. The main products we produce are Rose Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Jasmine Oil (Sambac), Jasmine Oil (Grandiflorum), Ginger Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Nutmeg Essential Oil, Peppermint Oil and Spearmint Oils.

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Natural Vetiver Oil -Ruh Khus(Wild/North) purely extracted from Vetiveria zizanoides
Vetiver Oil -Ruh Khus(Wild/North)
Price (USD $): $ 5.00
Natural Walnut Oil purely extracted from Juglans ragia
Walnut Oil
Price (USD $): $ 5.00
Natural Watermelon Seed Oil purely extracted from Citrullus Vulgaris
Watermelon Seed Oil
Price (USD $): $ 5.00
Natural Wheatgerm Oil purely extracted from Triticum vulgare
Wheatgerm Oil
Price (USD $): $ 5.00
Natural White Lotus Absolute -100% True purely extracted from <u>Nelumbo nucifera</u>
White Lotus Absolute -100% True
Price (USD $): $ 15.00
Natural Wintergreen Oil purely extracted from Gaultheria procumbens
Wintergreen Oil
Price (USD $): $ 5.00
Natural Ylang Ylang Oil (Madagascar) purely extracted from Cananga Odorata
Ylang Ylang Oil (Madagascar)
Price (USD $): $ 5.00
Natural Zedoaria Oil (Nar Katchur) purely extracted from Curcuma Zedoaria
Zedoaria Oil (Nar Katchur)
Price (USD $): $ 5.00
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Natural Essential Oils are mainly extracted from plant material using steam distillation which is a default extraction method of any oil. When we put the plant material into copper still (a big copper pot used to boil the plant material in Steam Distillation process) and start burning the furnace, the whole plant material break drown and steam starts uplifting after around 200 degree temperatures. This steam contains the molecules of that plant and according to its evaporating level they travel along with water vapor and collect into receiver. Further after boiling 3-4 hours, we make the furnace cool and wait until everything to cool down. The receiver contains the volatile essential oil of that particular plant material. At last we filter the oil from water.
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