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 How we prepare theraputic grade oils ?

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

You know that essential oils are distilled from plants and that they have powerful healing properties.  You know that they are used by massage therapists, for aromatherapy, and even cooking! But how ? Only 2% of Essential Oils selling in the world are real theraputic grade. A trader have very low probability to supply quality oils. Only a true Distiller like Essential Oils Company can supply the true therapeutic grade oils. There are some methods which we adopting for producing therapeutic grade oils.

Testing by using Gas Chromatography

We have our own GC / MS and GLC equipped laboratory for differentiating imposters from the real McCoys. We measure whether the each components of particular essential oils there in standard percentage and if there is no foreign particle in the composition. If only two primary constituents do not meet precise percentages, the oil cannot be AFNOR or ISO certified--although the oil may qualify as Grade A. Gas Chromatography also test the oil for adulteration. We are using 60- meter coloum for deeper testing of the oil for their purity.An oil''''s purity can be affected by myriad environmental factors: geographical region, altitude, climate, soil, growing conditions and harvest method and season. Even the time of day the plant is harvested can affect the oil''''s purity! Producing genuine Therapeutic Grade essential oils is indeed a fine art. 

Way of distillation :

The way of distillation is also matter the quality of the oil. 
and Therapeutic Grade oils mandate preserving as many of the plant''''s compounds as possible. Therapeutic Grade essential oils must only be distilled in stainless steel cooking chambers at lowest possible pressure and lowest possible temperature. Extremely high temperature and high pressure, or contact with chemically reactive metals such as copper or aluminum can quickly destroy delicate compounds.

We Essential Oils Company is producing real therapeutic grade essential oils such as rose oil, sandalwood oil, chamomile oil, lemongrass oil and many more perfume oils as well as fragrance oils.

3 Nov, 2008
 How we refine base oils?
How we refine Base Oils ?

After extacting base oil from the plants, we get the refined material. There are following steps can be taken :
  • Degumming: This process removes the biological part of the plant like Chlorophyll, lecithin, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Refining : An Alkaline solution , sodium hydroxide (lye), is added into base oil for refining.
  • Bleaching: Fuller''''''''s Earth is added as a bleaching agent and then filtered out , further removing nutritive substances. This process makes the oil transparent or clear.
  • Deodorizing: For deodorizing the oil, we should put the oil into higher temperatures like 450 degree F (230 degrees C) for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Winterizing : The base oil again cooled and again filtered. This process prevents the oil from becoming cloudy during cold temperatures. The finished product is nutrient-deficient; only fatty acids remain.
Several synthetic antioxidants are usually added to replace the natural antioxidants present in the oil prior to the refining process.

The base oils we are offering : Jojoba, Almond , Black Cumin and Neem
25 Oct, 2008
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