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Aniseed Oil
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 Aniseed Oil
The Aniseed oil we sell is extracted from pimpinella anisum seeds which Sometimes known as sweet cumin seeds. Please do not confuse it with star anise oil as the family of star anise is completely different.
It has warm, spicy odor which is quite popular in aromatherapy industry. It helps in easing discomfort of stomach, boost immune system and help with mind relation problem such as introverted-ness and fear. It improves digestion; help us to breathe easily by stimulating the lung muscles. Some blends having anise oil helps in migraine because of high Anethol contents, which is the major constituent of this essential oil.
It is in liquid form in room temperature but if the temperature down below 15 degree Celsius. It starts freezing and become solidify below 10 degree Celsius. We have to put the bottle into warm water bowl or hand-warmed before using it.
The Anise is mostly originated from Middle Eastern Areas, but not cultivated in Europe, USA and India. It is an yearly herb, plant size is around 80-90 cm (2 feet) high with delicate leaves, small white colour flowers and grayish brown seeds. This herb is used in ancient times, especially by Romans and Egyptians.
Aniseed essential oil is also very popular in wine industry.
The therapeutic properties of aniseed oil are antiseptic, antispasmodic, carminative, diuretic, expectorant, stimulant, galactagogue, stomachic, insecticide, laxative and parasiticide.
Aniseed oil can be useful in the treatment of muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, bronchitis, whooping cough, colic, cramp, flatulence, indigestion, catarrh and hangovers.
The essential oil includes the following chemical compounds; a-pinene, camphene, b-pinene, linalool, cis-anethole, trans-anethole, safrole, anisaldehyde and acetoanisole.
29 Oct, 2012
 Aromatherapy Essential Oils and Massage Oils

Both aromatherapy and massage is effective in achieving many things for both the body and mind and knowing how to combine the two properly will result in great benefits for you and also whoever it is that you are massaging.

There are many benefits to be had from aromatherapy and massage and one of the most fun is the effect it will have on your romance and love life. However there are more benefits than this and you can use massage with essential oils to relieve high blood pressure and helps the digestive system, reduces stress, headaches, insomnia and poor quality of sleep, easing aches and pains and illnesses associated with conditions such as arthritis or chronic fatigue syndrome. It can also help in weight loss, to tone the body and improve skin tone.

Remembering that the pure essential oils can be flammable, candles can be a great way to set the massage mood and scented candles are a great idea to relax the person that is being massaged. Just keep the oils away and you should be fine. Make sure your candles are scented with real essential oils as well for added benefit.

Massages should be relaxing experiences so when you are using pure essential oils in a massage, remember to be gentle. Your movements should be firm but not painful and never massage over broken skin or over areas where a bone has been broken or fractured. You want the massage to be a nice experience and not an excruciating one.

Always remember to check whether or not the essential oils that you are using in massage are suitable to be used on the skin. Some are not as they can be toxic. All essential oils should be diluted in someway, as essential oils are very strong and can causes burns if applied to the skin directly. They are best used in a carrier oil or moisturizer. Make sure you arm yourself with as much information as possible prior to beginning. If you are blending different essential oils together, try to follow a "recipe" or experiment first to make sure the smell is pleasing and not irritating.

Creating the atmosphere is important when giving an aromatherapy oils massage and as well as the candles that you may have set up for the occasion, you may want to consider getting rid of any distractions such as the television, radio, (unless it is soothing music) and the children! Distractions will interfere with the massage and it will not be an enjoyable experience both for the masseur and also the person who is on the receiving end.

We are exporting essential oils from India. This online essential oils shop is basically for small consumer of natural essential oils , aromatic chemicals and absolutes. For getting wholesale essential oils and bulk essential oils, please contact

Essential Oils collection is as follows:

Ankur Tandon - Wholesale Essential Oils

I am a distiller of essential oils, absolutes and attars. I have several years experience on quality distillation, standard fragrance oil etc.

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2 Oct, 2009
 Amyris Oil - Alternative of Sandalwood Oil

Amyris oil is one of the less appearing but highly useful essential oil. There is no such historical background available. The tree from which the Amyris oil is extracted was not introduced until 1886. Sometime, it was considered and recognized to be sandalwood oil but actually it was the different species.

Amyris essential oil is having bottom note which remain as it as when all over the scent evaporated. It has long lasting and on a paper strip It can last long. The smell is quite earthy and sweet link sandalwood oil. It is found in the category of Amber oil, Nagarmotha oil (also called Cypriol oil ), Thyme oil and Cinnamon Oil.

Middle note are essential oils that possess flowery or spicy scents and promote the emotional balance. Top notes are pure essential oils that are refreshing and mentally stimulating. Amyris Oil is highly used for perfume making and note balancing

3 Nov, 2008
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